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Drone mapping and asset inspections.

Katherine, NT.

Dirt Construction Site

About Us

AK Sky Services is a drone services provider based in Katherine, NT. Our mission is to collect high quality aerial data to enable actionable insights about the world we live in.

Industries that we work with include construction, resource management, infrastructure and agriculture. We work together to understand what your requirements are, plan works out in an efficient manner and report back with high quality deliverables that enable organisations to make informed decisions.

Operating under certificates from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, with appropriate insurances and defined safety protocols in place we look forward to discussing how we can give a new perspective on assets, infrastructure and operations.


Quadcopter Drone

Aerial Mapping

Accurate maps and 3D models create a digital twin of an area in high resolution. Track changes to the built environment over time or understand progress of works. Mapping landscapes assist with weed management, species ID and action plans.

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Need to elevate your promotional material, social media or real estate marketing? Aerial capture provides cost effective solutions and stunning perspectives to get the right shot.

Roof Shingles

Roof & Asset Inspection

Reduce down-time and lower risk to get detailed imagery of hard to access structures. Use drone images to create impactful inspection data to identify defects, maintenance issues or hazards.

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Katherine, NT.

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